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■Privacy Policy
Your Personal data will be used to process your order and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

CSE may collect information about your personal information to provide services that you request or when you choose to provide us. CSE fully respects and shall spare no effort to protect your personal information includes your name, company name, telephone number and email address.

At CSE, we focus on global developments to establish management systems. Due to contribute to sound development of advanced information and communications society, CSE respects JIS Q 15001, and enacts basic policy of privacy as following.

  1. 1. CSE would collect and use your personal information appropriately, and would not use it for intended purposes.
  2. 2. CSE maintain reasonable physical and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. In the event of a breach or threatened breach of personal information, CSE will take remedial actions for of the issue.
  3. 3. CSE complies with laws and other regulations relevant to personal information.
  4. 4. CSE will continuously improve our management system of personal information.
  5. 5. CSE will respond your comments or inquiries concerning your personal information sincerely and promptly.
Handling of Personal Information

Information collection

CSE will collect your personal information with specific purpose and fair means. We will pay the closet attention to collect, use and provide the information under our appropriate management.

Use of information collected

CSE will not sell or rent your personal information at any time under any circumstance. Your personal information will only be used for CSE business purpose such as to send seminar or event information, responses to inquiries, to send E-mail newsletter as requested, to handle a job application, to manage employees, to purchase products or services.

Entrustment and joint use

CSE follows JIS Q 15001 cases in entrustment and joint use of registered personal information.

Disclosure of your information to third party

CSE will not provide your personal information to third parties without obtaining your consent. Although we make every effort to preserve your privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when

  1. 1. Required by law
  2. 2. Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  3. 3. Cases in which the provision of personal information is specially necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  4. 4. Cases in which is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or other legal process.